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Water Deaeration and Purification, Multi-stream Fluid Blending, Carbonation and Gas Injection

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As well as gas removal and gas injection systems, Centec make various types of water treatment equipment. Water can be produced for standard industrial applications through to pyrogen-free deionised WFI for pharmaceutical API duties or ion-free for micro-electronic silicone chip production. The requirements for each project can vary greatly depending on the composition of the incoming water, the specific quality requirements on site and numerous other customer driven needs. The team at Centec will be pleased to discuss and advise on any requirements.

Pharmaceutical Qualification & Validation
For pharmaceutical projects Centec follow strict qualification procedures:
URS - User Requirement Specification
QP - Qualification Plan
DQ - Design Qualification: Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Detail Design.
           (Defines the quality parameters required of the equipment and equipment manufacturers)
IQ - Installation Qualification (Assures the intended equipment is received as designed and specified)
OQ - Operational Qualification (Confirms the equipment functions as specified and operates correctly)
PQ - Performance Qualification (Confirms the equipment consistently continues to perform as required)
Material Traceability & Certification, Surface Finish, Surface Treatment, GAMP, ASME BPE and other bio-pharmaceutical specific compliance and requirements are supplied by Centec GmbH.

Centec are approved and certified to EU Directive 93/42/EEC for the manufacture of
Class IIb Medical Devices ‘Water Treatment Systems for Dialysis’

INTRAP - Filtration
Principle: Back-flushable cartridge filters which are used as an early step in a water treatment regime. InTrap filers separate out solid particles, which in time will block the cartridges. Manual or automatic differential pressure detection is used to monitor the condition and enable back-flushing to take place. Filters are selected based on the flow rate, water quality and duty requirements
Capacity: 5 - 150 m3/h (50- 1500 hl/h)
Operating temp.: +2 - 85°C

REVOTEC - Semi-Permeable Membrane Technology
Ultra-Filtration, Nano-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis (RO).
Principle: Water is purified by passing it through a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure against the natural concentration gradient of any salts. With RO only water molecules and gases are able to  pass through the membrane, all ions, salts, viruses, bacteria and solids remain in the retentate. RO is highly effective for desalination. Depending on the process objectives, membranes with greater permeability can be deployed, allowing the passage of various ions hence Nano-Filtration or  Ultra-Filtration, where the membrane pores are larger than used for RO
Capacity: 1 - 500 m3/h (10 - 5000 hl/h)
Operating temp.: +1 - 60°C, CIP/SIP to 125°C

IONTEC - Ion Exchange:
Principle: Water containing ions such as calcium for example pass though a tank or tube containing appropriate ion-exchange resins. To achieve a process objective such as reducing hardness, it might be appropriate to exchange calcium ions for sodium ions. The selection of ion-exchange resins depends greatly on the composition of the incoming water and the process objectives.
Capacity: 1 - 150 m3/h (10 - 1500 hl/h)
Operating temp.: +1°C to 60°C

RDE - Pure Steam Generation and WFI Systems:
Principle: Pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical processes and products require ‘Pure Steam’ for sterilisation and  WFI ‘Water For Injection’ for API products. The feed water to a Pure Steam generator will normally be pre-treated by softening and then Reverse Osmosis or Deionisation. The water is then evaporated in the still to become ‘Pure Steam’ which in turn condenses to form ‘WFI’.
Capacity: 0.1 - 15 m3/h

EDI - Electro Deionisation Units:
To suit a customer’s preference or as dictated by process requirements, Centec can install Electro Deionisation equipment as part of a water treatment system.
A typical small custom built Centec skid using Nano-Filtration and Electro Deionisation
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