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DeAlcoTec - Dealcoholisation Equipment:
Principle: Centec’s DeAlcoTec alcohol removal systems use the principle of falling film evaporation to remove alcohol from beverages. Incoming alcohol-rich product such as beer is first gently heated by a heat exchanger to promote evaporation. It is then fed into the top of an evaporation column in which the volatile constituents can evaporate. The alcohol vapour rises in the upward flowing  exhaust vapour stream which has entered at the base of the column. The less volatile liquid components fall ‘counter-current’ to the base of the column. Some of the alcohol-free product at the bottom of the column is heated to form more exhaust vapour for reuse in the system. The remainder finished alcohol-free product is pumped away and cooled for storage or further processing as required.
The volatile aromas and flavours from the original product can be separated from the exhaust vapour in a specifically designed recovery system and added back to enhance the quality of the now alcohol-free beverage.
The alcohol vapour can be concentrated, chilled and condensed to form liquid alcohol for use in other applications or for sale to industry.
Capacity: 0.1 - 10 m3/h (1 - 100 hl/h)
Residual Alcohol: <0.1%
Temperature: 8 - 95°C
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Dealcoholization Systems
To remove alcohol from beer, cider and wine