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Carbonation and Gas Injection is used for a variety of purposes. One of the most common applications is the addition of pressurised CO2 to carbonate beverages like beer, cider, soft drinks and sparkling water. Nitrogenation enhances the pourability and head stability of some beer. Good Oxygenation is an essential requirement for biological reactions, especially in processes such as fermentation and water treatment. Carbon Dioxide injection is an efficient and cost effective way to correct high pH waste water. Centec produce a wide range of venturis and skid mounted systems for gas injection. These systems are custom made, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CDS - Carbonation Equipment (CO2 Injection by Vortex Venturi):
Principle: A special Vortex-Venturi Nozzle injects pressurised CO2 into a stream of liquid media as it passes through the nozzle. The CDS system then allows the Carbon Dioxide to dissolve into suspension before it moves in to the next stage of the process.
Capacity: 1 - 200 m3/h (10 - 2000 hl/h)
Dissolved CO2 range: 0 - 10 g/l (0 - 5 Vol%)
Operating temp.: +2°C to 50°C (CIP up to 85°C)

CRS - Carbonation Equipment (CO2 Injection by Hollow Fibre Membrane)
Principle: Hollow Fibre Membrane. Contactors containing a large number of small bore tubes carry pressurised carbon dioxide gas which passes through microscopic pores in the membrane into the liquid product. The process is most typically used with beer and beverages. This system works very efficiently however it does not suit products which contain suspended solids
Capacity: 1 - 150 m3/h (10 - 1500 hl/h)
CO2 range: 0 - 10 g/l (0-5 Vol%)
Operating temp.: +2°C to 40°C (CIP up to 85°C)

NDS - Nitrogenation Systems (Nitrogen Injection):
Centec provide two different principles:
i) Hollow Fibre Membrane - Pressurised nitrogen passes into the liquid through microscopic pores in tubular hollow-fibre membrane contactors. An highly efficient and bubble-free solution.
ii) Venturi Injection - A Vortex-Venturi is used to inject nitrogen gas into the liquid stream as it passes through the special nozzle. The system allows the gas to dissolve into suspension.
Capacity: 1 - 150 m3/h (10 - 1500 hl/h)
Dissolved CO2 range: 0 - 100 ppm
Operating temp.: +2°C to 20°C (CIP up to 85°C)

SBA - Oxygenation Equipment (Oxygen Injection)
Principle: Hollow Fibre Membrane. SBA uses the same principle as CRS.

OSS - Wort Aeration Units
Principle: Oxygen is essential for all living organisms. For efficient fermentation maintaining the correct oxygen level is a high priority, especially in a closed sterile process. OSS Wort Aeration Systems use Centec’s Oxytrans optical oxygen sensors, high precision flow meters and special Vortex-Venturi Nozzles to automatically deliver precisely the right amount of sterile oxygen to super saturate the wort stream. OSS helps brewers to deliver repeatable fermentation performance and superb product every time.
Capacity: 1 - 300 m3/h (10 - 3000 hl/h)
O2 range: 0 - 500 ppm
Operating temp.: +2°C to 55°C (CIP up to 85°C)

Waste Water Aeration Nozzles
Principle: The correct Oxygen level in waste water is essential for complete and efficient digestion to take place. Centec’s special air injection nozzles are used in conjunction with standard pumping equipment to optimise aeration performance.

Waste Water pH Correction Gas InjectionSystems
Principle: The monitoring of waste water safeguards our environment. The pH of discharged waste water is closely controlled. Deviations can be damaging and expensive. Centec pH correction units are highly effective at neutralising alkaline process water and waste CIP media by the controlled injection of CO2 gas. Centec’s cost effective systems, working for our environment.
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