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Water Deaeration and Purification, Multi-stream Fluid Blending, Carbonation and Gas Injection

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Effective heat treatment of beverages and food products, and efficient cleaning are essential for the safe operation of all hygienic process systems. Microbiological safety is of the highest importance in any system where water and food are available for the harbouring and growth of micro-organisms. This applies to food, dairy and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many water based products. Process plants must be designed to ensure thorough heating of ‘at-risk’ products for sufficient temperature and time to achieve pasteurisation or sterilisation as required. Pipework, vessels and equipment must be designed to provide full cleaning and drainage using industry standard Cleaning In Place (CIP) procedures. In some cases high temperature Sterilisation/Steaming In Place (SIP) is also required.

Centec often provide CIP, SIP and Heat Exchange equipment on many of their projects, especially as part of deaeration, water treatment and liquid blending systems. They can also be supplied to clients as separate stand-alone units. Each skid is custom designed and built to match a customer’s specific requirements and process objectives.

CIP - Cleaning In Place Systems:
Principle: Cleaning Media, pH, Temperature, Velocity and Time, combined with good hygienic design are all vital for effective in-place cleaning and legislation compliance. Centec design and construct CIP skids to deliver efficient cleaning across a wide variety of process systems. Starting with small mobile sets typically for cleaning individual items, through to ‘multi-tank & multi-channel’ systems for complex applications in large process plants. Skids can include detergent, caustic and acid dosing, as well as steam SIP and sterile air drying as required. To minimise product wastage, high precision product monitoring sensors such as Centec SONATEC can precisely identify the interface between rinse water and product.
Capacity: 1 to 300 m3/h (10 to 3000 hl/h), custom capacities on request
Operating temp.: up to 125°C

FlashPasto - Flash Pasteurisation Equipment:
Principle: Centec’s FlashPasto is used to pasteurise beverages, beer, cider and soft drinks. Similar systems are made for dairy products and other liquid media. The fully automated system uses ‘state of the art’ sensors and control technology, together with the most appropriate heat exchangers to deliver exactly the right level of heat input, energy recovery and cooling. Superb results are achieved with cost efficient operation and careful product handling. After heat treatment in a Centec FlashPasto unit, products can be safely bottled with the confidence of a predictably long shelf-life.
Capacity: 1 - 100 m3/h (1 - 1000 hl/h)
Pasteurisation temp.: 68 - 95°C
Cleaning temp.: up to 125°C
Pressure: 1 - 25 bar g
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